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Church of St Paul within the Walls

The church of St. Paul’s Within the Walls was the first non-Catholic church in Rome, built after the Unification of Italy. It was Reverend Robert J. Nevin who bought the land and obtained the necessary authorizations from the Italian government.

The church was built by the English architect George Edmund Street from 1873 to 1880 in the Romanesque-Gothic style and is characterized externally by red brick alternating with travertine.

Church of St Paul within the Walls

Experience music between art and history

The interior has three naves highlighted by stained glass windows depicting the life of St. Paul and mosaics depicting the Apocalypse.

Additional mosaics portray some of the Fathers of the Church, with some well-known figures from the nineteenth-century used as models: St. Andrew has the face of Abraham Lincoln; St. James has the face of Giuseppe Garibaldi, and St. Patrick has the face of General Grant, star of the American Civil War.

The Church of St. Paul’s Within the Walls, home to great opera in Rome


Located in the city center, the church of St. Paul’s Within the Walls is a welcoming place for all those who, at the end of the day, are looking for a moment of calm and rest after work or a long tour of the city. The evening is ideal for contemplation, to fill your eyes with beauty. And not just the eyes…

An opera concert at St Paul’s within the Walls is also a joy for the ears and the palate. In the evening, the church is home to concerts of great Italian opera. The notes of the most famous masterpieces spread throughout the nave of the church, enveloping the spectators, who soar on the sound of opera.

Opera in a place like no other


It is possible to spend a magical evening in Rome: an opera concert at St. Paul’s Within the Walls in Rome means immersing yourself in the history of Italian art. An evening without the worry of having to organize.

The music of the Italian opera allows spectators to spend an unforgettable time amidst the frescoes of the churches. Unique images are the perfect setting to enjoy an opera concert at St. Paul’s Within the Walls.

From Gioacchino Rossini, to the genius of Giacomo Puccini, to the most popular tunes of Giuseppe Verdi, the church of St. Paul’s Within the Walls is the perfect place to house the history of Italian opera and offer spectators an evening like no other.

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