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Salone Margherita Theatre

Salone Margherita Theatre was built in 1898 in the heart of Rome. The name Margherita was a clear homage to Margherita of Savoia, wife of King Umberto I.

At first, the theatre hosted typical vaudeville shows in a way that flaunted more luxury and refinement than any other theatre in Rome.

In the 1910s, the theatre’s playbill featured the best comedians and the most sought-after soubrettes of the age. Throughout the 20th century, the theatre was always a home for the revue, Roman comedy, vaudeville, and operettas.

Starting in 2011, I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma usually perform a significant part of their concert season here.



Box with dinner at the Opera

A journey into the excellence of Italian gastronomy
in one of the most prestigious theaters in Rome

Salone Margherita is the only theatre in Italy that has been equipped with a kitchen since its foundation. For every show, Salone Margherita offers an 8-course candlelight dinner prepared by chef Giuseppe Sterbini and is served on the romantic and exclusive stages or in the refined Art Nouveau saloon.

Guests with a concert ticket on the parquet floor are offered a small tasty pasta buffet.

A journey into the brilliance of Italian show business and gastronomy!!

Dinner starts at 7.30pm.

The incredible experience of opera in Rome: Salone Margherita Theater


Restored in 2014, the theater has been brought back to its original splendor—the foyer, the “Belle Époque” rooms which surround the main lounge, the dressing rooms, the stucco and the upper stained glass window—all of which make this place truly incredible.

Perfect for a unique evening, the Salone Margherita Theater allows the spectator to enjoy an excellent dinner and at the same time lose oneself in the beautiful setting as the theater becomes a landmark for the opera season in Rome.

For nearly ten years, the “I Virtuosi dell’opera di Roma” orchestra has made its home at Salone Margherita Theater, showcasing its professionalism in front of the audience and creating an unbreakable bond with them.


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